EZ Plow

EZ Plow Snow Shovel.

Learn how to use less effort and move more snow. With EZ Plow you will be spending a lot less time in your driveway this year.



With the innovative blade design of the EZ Plow, you will find that moving snow just became a lot easier. Unlike most snow shovels with steel-edged blades that bend, dull, rust, and fall off, EZ Plow's polypropylene blade sharpens itself every time you use it.


Because traditional snow shoveling requires excessive bending and strenuous lifting, it is the #1 cause of back pain, muscle strain, and heart attacks during the winter. Because EZ-PLOW eliminates the need for harmful bending and lifting, it is the only medically correct snow shovel in America.


EZ Plow's blade is made of a specially formulated polypropylene copolymer that will not, bend, crack or break. Because we believe in it, EZ Plow's blade comes with a 2-year guarantee.